Growing up as a Mexican American we are raised listening to two very different genres of music, our worlds are a mixture of two cultures. In Mexico, music is a very big part of our lives. We play music when we celebrate and when we mourn. It is why I think Latin America embraces musical artists they can identify with more than any other culture or race.

December 9, 2012 Jenni Rivera died in a horrible airplane accident. Jenni Rivera is a Mexican idol, admired for her talent in interpreting her music in such a way every word she sang felt legit. Her sudden death was a low blow to all her fans, myself included. I spent the days after her death confused (kind of in shock). I couldn’t believe it, I was so latched on to the hope that it was all a mistake or some sort of publicity stunt (anything really, as long as it meant that she was still alive). To other people looking in on our pain as fans, they don’t understand why she was such a big deal. Jenni was so chingona, no one could mess with her and get away with it. She was strong, brave and just an absolute example of what a woman should aspire to be. Other cultures don’t understand why we enjoy banda music in all moments of our lives and I’m sure they never will… I don’t drink, but listening to songs in this genre just require you to drink it up, you know what I’m talking about raza!

Lupillo Rivera, Jenni’s brother sang in her memorial today. I couldn’t watch it without tearing up. Again, to someone not part of our culture they won’t understand why this song is so hurtful for him to sing as a final goodbye to his sister. It is not enough to know the language you need to know the culture…

I love you Jenni I hope you’re happy with how your family and fans did your memorial service, you will always be the best. Rest in Peace Mi Diva Hermosa.